Catch Up Day

I am sitting at the computer while our boy falls asleep on the couch across from me. He is snuggled in a blue blanket and has begun the ritual rhythmic patting of his pillow that signals sleep. He attends a small cooperative pre-school that an amazing woman runs out of her home. Her son is sick today so school was cancelled. My day is pretty open and am happy to have our boy home with me today- especially if he takes a nap.  He really needs a catch up day anyway. A day to have a nap and stay in his jammies while he plays with his dinosaurs on the dining room floor. He needs that every once in a while.

Today my man went back to work. He was up to an early alarm  for the first time in months. By the time I came down he was wrapping up his morning routine and heading out the door. We drank coffee together for a bit and then he was gone. Back to life. Our daughter didn’t even get to say goodbye.  She slept late today. Probably because her brother was in bed with us and hadn’t woken her. It is oddly quiet, and I realize I haven’t had the house  to myself in 6 weeks. There is an entire afternoon in front of me and I am not sure what to do with myself. The house is a mess so I should probably start there: figure out what is for dinner, put away laundry, pay bills. Geez Louise call me homemaker. I have to get a handle on things now that I am back to being solely responsible for the day to day 7:30-6 functioning of our household.  So today is a catch up day for me as well. A day to put things in order and get ready to move forward. The reason sucked, but I loved having my man around. It was fun while it lasted


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  1. seems you had a fine day to get off with….nice one

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