Bump Business Again

Our daughter said it so well yesterday. We were eating a delicious 4 Berry Pie, part of the lovely meal we receive each Sunday from great people, and my man was enjoying his weekly sugar. Our girl asked, “why can’t papa have too much sugar?”  ”Because of the bump,” I answered. “Ahh, bump business again,” she smiled- knowing she had said something cool. “Blog title,” said my man.

So here it is, and here is the bump business:

I need to call DF and find out my man’s itinerary for the 9th- what appointments when, where etc.

I listened to his Guided Imagery CD with him: it made me cry. He said it made him cry the first time he listened to it as well. I think it is great and wish they had one for the person in the waiting room.

I have been following Elsa’s progress. It is strange to find such comfort in a stranger’s situation-but I find it comforting to follow in her foot steps and hear her experience. I can’t get my husband to look at it.

I am starting to think of questions for the doctor- any suggestions?

I am taking a break from measuring my emotional pulse every five seconds. Sometimes, it is appropriate to shove it all on a dark shelf in your mind- I know it will be back. I told my man, “I am tired of being so emotional all of the time.” So I am simply taking a break from it and trying to get things done.

We have a lot of enjoying to do before surgery: our daughter’s birthday is coming up, we are going camping, and my older brother and family are coming. And I still haven’t had my car inspected. I even briefly considered buying a new one in order to avoid having to have this one done. I have a huge aversion to bureaucratic tasks, always have.

The kids and I had a good day today.



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  1. I say go for the new car… (But you knew that already).



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