Good Riddance Germs

Well it happened- Germany lost to Spain. Too bad so sad. My man worked yesterday, so we recorded the game and then had to impose a media blackout at our house until he came home and we could watch. No radio, no T.V., no internet. In fact, I was so worried about hearing the result that the kids and I stayed home despite the sweltering heat rather than risk hearing soccer talk at the lake.  I ignored the phone calls that began to pour in at 4:30, turned down the volume on the answering machine, and wondered if the fact that people were calling was a good or bad sign.

Then my friend arrived and my attention was averted for good long while. It was so wonderful to see her. It was as if no time had passed at all. There are some people in your life that are no work at all- you just click- this lady is one of those people for me. We went out to dinner and left my man and the kiddos to watch the game. Despite all of the anticipation and lengths I went to not to hear the results, I find watching the actual games to be ¬†painfully suspenseful. I can’t stand not knowing what is going to happen. I expected to come home to a very happy man and hear all about the gloriousness that is the German National Mannschaft.

Unfortunately that was not the case. I had to fight a moment of extreme panic and tears when I heard the news and erase the strange equation I had made in my head between my man’s prognosis and Germany’s progress. Cancer does not mean death became – Germany loosing does not mean death! And let’s all root for Germany and my man has become let’s all root for Spain and my man, (I had a bad experience in Amsterdam with a bunch of neon orange painted Dutch fans that has forever soured my feelings for that team.)

As my husband and I lay in bed last night and mourned, he confessed to me that he too had made a strange prediction in his head regarding his cancer and Germany’s performance. “I told myself that if Germany won the World Cup I would be dead within 2 years.” “What, that’s crazy,” I exclaimed and told him about my own superstitious World Cup craziness. Somehow, he believed that it would have been too much to ask for him to survive this cancer and for Germany to win the World Cup. Well then good riddance Germs (as I affectionately call them.) I now feel much better about Germany loosing to Spain, in fact I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So soccer is back to being just soccer, my man is done with radiation,we are planning a yard sale, and looking forward to family visitors. It will be a strangely cancer free month and we will enjoy it.



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  1. Sorry/Not Sorry about Germany.

    Who woulda thunk it?



  2. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Cancer wife

    Thanks for the support. It is nice to know someone is finding this helpful.

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