Island Christmas

I finally broke down and washed the salt and sand out of my hair yesterday. We had a wonderful holiday in the Bahamas with my brothers and their families. My older brother hosted and it was  perfect: wonderful weather, good company, great food. My man and I agreed we haven’t felt that relaxed in a while and we needed it.

My brother and his wife are tremendous hosts, and I didn’t leave the property except to kayak to lunch one day.We relaxed on the cabana, kayaked, fished, snorkeled, and played on the beach.

We sat on the beach Christmas night around a bonfire and roasted green and pink marshmallows. We looked for shooting stars and launched wish lanterns. Each of the children wearing a glow stick so we could keep an eye on them and it struck me: the awesome memory we were making.  I genuinely like all these people. You can’t choose your family, but I would choose these people.

I came home uncharacteristically inspired and with New Year’s right around the corner I have plans for 2012. An astrologer told me several years ago that 2012 would be a big year for me. And though I still sometimes worry that the “bigness” could have something to do with my man’s cancer, that it doesn’t is also a possibility.

It was tricky to launch wish lanterns on the beach with the wind, but we got a few up and we will launch some on New Year’s Eve as well. I have expanded my wish this year: health and happiness to all of my loved ones forever and ever. It doesn’t hurt to wish.

Happy New Year!


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