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It’s a scan day. We head to Boston this afternoon- another three months have passed. I am pretty nonchalant about it now. My man actually has his scans done here at home and sent off to Dr. B before our appointment and somehow this is reassuring. We both feel that if something were wrong we would probably be contacted before the appointment- so no news is good news for us. The childcare is arranged and in some ways I look forward to the trip to the big city and alone time with my husband.

On the other hand I did wake up in the night with a sinking feeling, I did bite my man’s head off last night when he announced the cat had ticks despite the Frontline I had applied (as if it was my fault,) and I did do an emergency load of laundry when I realized that my husband’s CCKMA (Cancer Can Kiss My Ass) shirt – that he wears to every scan and appointment- was dirty. But this morning I feel good again. The cat has been de-ticked and my husband left for work¬† wearing his CCKMA t-shirt under his work shirt like a protective coat of armor.

I mean let’ s face it:¬† life is good until it isn’t! A man died in a parade in our town last weekend: A terrible, senseless accident. I didn’t know him and thankfully I wasn’t there, but my dark, deathy side keeps dwelling on it. It seems these messages- life is short, enjoy it while you can are all around lately.

In the many things written about Steve Jobs last week, I came across a quote that went something like this: if you wake up every day thinking this might be the day I die, one day you will be right. As the title implies- random thoughts. Be well.


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