Having a spurt

I seem to have found a good balance. It isn’t perfect but I feel like I’m off to a good start. I am getting the groove of my job- I think. Slowly gaining confidence and also figuring out how to manage it and not have my usual push and pull between stress and guilt. I am enjoying working, but I really want to maintain a strong boundary between work and family life. My body can do it- wants to do it- the trick is getting my mind to follow suit. Instead of stressing I have been trying to really immerse myself in work when I am working and really soak up family when I am with them and never the two shall meet.

Having a good week so far: working, being with my kids, and finding time to Zumba (with a very sassy instructor). Yesterday I watched a movie with my man, and played with my new camera and today I ‘m writing here.  I’ll gloat- I feel pretty proud. I am having a good spurt- hope you are too.


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