Nice Days

We went for a night walk last night. Everyone was feeling a bit restless in the house, so out we went. It was fun. “What a great memory we are making for our family,” I thought as I watched for shooting stars. We had head lamps and flashlights and even passed another head-lit couple on our way. “Didn’t expect to see anyone else, ” smiled the women as she passed. We didn’t expect to be out there, it was a happy exception. Of course things deteriorated instantaneously when we got home. Our son has a mild case of Hand ,Foot and Mouth which means- this week he is Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde and his Mr. Hyde is scary. I feel for him: he has little sores in his mouth and can’t really eat.

But even the difficult bedtime didn’t ruin the walk. We were still happy to have done it.

This is our second quiet weekend at home in a row and I  am really enjoying them. We have been hard at work on the lawn again, and with such gorgeous weather, I am happy for the excuse to be outside.

I celebrated with some friends the other night. I got a new job and am looking forward to exploring my career a bit more.

On Veteran’s day I spent the day with our daughter. A girl’s day. We went to ¬†Target and out to lunch- a pasta restaurant: her choice.

In so many ways life seems much fuller and richer on this side of the cancer mountain. And for that I will always be thankful.


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