Mind over Cancer

Just musing about the mind body relationship. I think when you get sick it is a harsh reminder that in a way our bodies don’t really belong to us. We are captains of ships we can’t fully control. If I can command my arm to lift and my legs to walk etc. why can’t I command cancer cells to die in the same way? I am not speaking about the power of positive thinking or imagery. I mean somehow activating the ┬ácells with your mind. Having your nerves send a message just like when you scratch an itch. It would probably make a great science fiction movie.

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer I theorized that if she had never been made aware of her cancer she might not have died. I mean she wasn’t sick, she felt fine, it was just a little lump in her breast. All of the other bad stuff came after. I wonder if hearing the diagnosis Cancer somehow signals the cells? In all of my cancer related internet searches, I found a man who professed to simply ignoring his diagnosis, ‘nope I don’t have cancer’ and he is still alive however many years later. I know it could be total bullshit, and it is much too big of a risk to take, but if it is true- Holy crap!

I do ┬ábelieve in the power of positive thinking and each day I am more and more convinced that my man will be fine. (Hopefully my thoughts can leap over into his body.) I spoke to a friend yesterday, and she updated me on another friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My friend told me that our mutual friend is in a good place and feeling positive and I thought: is there any other choice? If you don’t have a positive outlook and somehow find a way to live with a cancer diagnosis then cancer wins.

When we were first told about my husband’s sarcoma, the doctor explained the treatment plan: ┬áradiation, surgery, CT scans every 3 months for the first two years. We had questions for each stage, and I asked, “so after the surgery we just live our lives and wait?” She leaned in looked me right in the eyes and said, “but that is what everyone is doing.”

I am sure everyone who is affected by cancer finds some words that comfort them. This is the statement that I find most comforting when I start to freak out about the future.


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