Background Cancer

Last night on the way home from work my man saw a cop shoot a moose on the highway by our exit. There were lights and orange cones- my husband was made to pull over and then the police man pulled out his gun. “I thought it was a shoot out,” said my guy. ” I heard a shot, and as I was driving away I saw the legs and hooves.” ¬† Lucky guy. We have lived here three years and I have never seen a moose. Neighbors have them tromping across their yards all of the time, but I have never seen one. I might be wrong but it seems like some sort of qualifier for living in this state especially for those of us that are from away:¬†lobster, maple syrup, moose etc. Now my man can check that off his list, and he seemed proud to have glimpsed his first moose even if it was lying dead in the road from a bullet to the head. My day wasn’t quite so exciting.

My son and I had an impromptu play date at the playground. He is very social and will befriend who ever is willing to have him. Yesterday he needed a little support and I helped him woo a three year old (and his mother) out to the playground as we waited out their sisters’ dance class. My inner critic came too and this is what she saw: two lonely, intelligent women with a lot on their minds who hadn’t had a meaningful grown up conversation in at least a week. And although the other mother set the tone and pace-quickly pouring out her entire life story-I happily followed her lead. At some point after she finished telling me about her ‘dark’ years in counseling I figured it was time for introductions. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I caught your name,” I confessed. “Oh, it is Mary, actually it’s Mareth. Yeah, I have decided to go by Mareth,” she answered sounding like she had just made the decision. My inner critic loved this shouting loudly “she’s a quack, she’s a quack, she’s a quack.” But all the while I found myself easily relating to this woman. She was on the quirky side, but the most interesting people are. The truth is it was the most honest, interesting conversation I have had with a stranger in quite a while and I needed it. I am feeling a bit isolated lately. A couple of my usual confidants are missing and my man and I are wrapped up in our separate lives again. So thank you Mareth, I like your style.

On the drive home, I realized that despite our gold medal worthy share I had never mentioned my man’s cancer. It has faded that much into the background for now. As I began to analyze I was abruptly interrupted by our girl giggling and shouting, “Mama, you have a booger on your earring!” And while I am pretty sure it was the price sticker coupled with some hair product that resulted in a very boogerish mass (that’s my story anyway), I had to smile as I wondered what Mareth’s inner critic had made of that.


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  1. I would love to run into a Mareth, I think I’m a Mareth of my own, lol. We have traveled to many states with Moose, yet I have only seen one ever. We even supposedly have some up north in our state. I would love to see more of them!
    Lisa’s Chaos recently posted..supportive

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