Cancer gives me Canker Sores

About a week ago I had two very bad canker sores. I had to go the dentist on Tuesday. They were on the mend, but I still had to let the hygienist know about the two open bacteria filled wounds in my mouth. I was very casual about it:  Yes, I have two canker sores in my mouth. Sorry that must be disgusting, but I have some stress in my life and this is what happens to me when I get stressed.  So in other words : cancer gives me canker sores.

I mowed the  lawn today. While I was mowing, I started to think about this blog, ( a good change from the usual dark roads my mind travels on.) I thought about the positive and negative aspects of a cancer diagnosis- a new closeness with my man- canker sores. I imagined I could categorize all posts as being positive- Cancer is Corny or negative- Cancer gives me Canker Sores. It seemed like a brilliant idea a few hours ago. I struggle with wanting to make the blog a bit fancier and being happy just to have an outlet. It is a strange thing to put all of this out there for the world.

I found this account of a Leiomyosarcoma survivor and it made me laugh.  We also received this book in the mail today. It seems like a useful resource and had some  positive things to say about taking antioxidants during radiation. My husband finally told his radiation oncologist  that he was taking the R-blend (he was nervous about confessing this) and the guy didn’t seem to care. He didn’t even write it down. So apparently it is no big deal. I think the key is that my man believes it will help him.

We had cable reinstalled today in preparation for the World Cup. I am honestly a bit afraid to go turn it on-I may never turn it off again. My man has had 6 radiation treatments- 19 more to go. So far no side effects, maybe it is the R-Blend vitamins.


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