Sunday Drive

Today was a holy moly day. A quintessential New England fall day- sunny and brisk. We took advantage and decided to cram all our fall activities into one day. We drove 35 minutes this morning for breakfast, and it was delicious. Then we drove twenty minutes to an apple orchard where we spent approximately 10 minutes filling up two giant bags and enjoying the sunshine and colors.

Across from the orchard was a playground complete with a soccer field and basketball court. “A perfect place for the kite,” declared my man as he ran to the car to fetch the kite that permanently resides in the back . “Try it,” he yelled out to me, “it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.” And he was right- it was good for a grin. We took the long way home and enjoyed a clandestine Sunday Drive. For my husband the idea off getting into the car to drive and see what there is to see does not compute in a Mr. Spock kind of way: illogical captain! But he only made me get the map out twice, and even he enjoyed exploring new territory and doing a bit of leaf peaping.

The day was only slightly dampened by a trip to the grocery store where the check out girl snapped me out of my euphoria when she failed to recognize an eggplant. “What is this?” she asked me fingers poised to type in a code, “Umm, it’s an eggplant,” I answered trying not to be a snot. “What kind of eggplant,” she persisted. “I should have told her it was an aubergine,” I later joked with my man. My husband forgave the girl her ignorance:  ”did you know what an eggplant was when you were her age?” he asked. “Yes!” I screeched. “Yeah, so did I, ” he admitted. And as we walked to the car I felt old. One girl’s vegetable ignorance had me worrying about the future of humanity, but then I looked at our kiddos and thought- at least my children recognize an eggplant- if they didn’t I might be able to trick them into eating it!


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  1. Ahhh, but would you have known what an artichoke was?
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