I often gush about our neighborhood (when I am not wishing I lived somewhere else,) and yesterday I took some pictures which I think do it justice. After being in doors for most of the day, the kiddos and I took an afternoon walk. Our girl arrived home from school and was surprisingly open to the idea, (her brother had predicted she would pronounce it “too boring,” and spoil our fun.) We had a nice walk, raked some leaves, I got the kids set up with some T.V. and was just settling in to jump into my escape- the internet when who should appear but my guy.

My man came home from work early yesterday. “How do I look,” he asked nervously as he walked in the door. “Fine, why?” His colleagues had sent him home early after expressing their concern about how thin and pale he looked and it freaked him out. “According to the scale I haven’t lost weight,” he reassured himself. “Do I look thin? ” My man is 6 feet something and weighs 160 something…so yes, honey you look thin, but you always have. ¬†I know his colleagues were trying to show their understanding and concern but they should familiarize themselves with this song from Free to Be you and Me. I sing the chorus to our kids when ever they are trying to ‘help’ me but actually aren’t.

My guy doesn’t want to be reminded that he has cancer. This has definitely been a recurring theme for him: “so and so or such and such reminded me that I had cancer, so I don’t like so and so or such and such anymore.” We need to be in control of when we deal with cancer, which makes it hard for anyone trying to sympathize but that’s their problem. On the other hand I totally get his colleagues behavior. My man kept yawning last night: he woke up at 6 a.m. for the first time in months, he was tired. But his innocent little yawns coupled with his co-workers observations started my overactive imagination down a slippery slope which lead to-you guessed it- CANCER! Fear transported me to my husband’s untimely death and the lonely damaged life that would be left for me and our children. But only for a minute then I muttered cancel, cancel a few times just to make sure and brought myself back to reality.

I hope my man gets to stay at work all day today. Although it was nice to have him home early last night.  Especially since he cooked the dinner I had planned. He is hands down the better cook in our family.


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  1. How nice of him to cook, I love when my hubs cooks. :) My mother used to take my kids for walks but my middle son never understood why they couldn’t take the car, lol.
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