A Gentle Beginning

It continues to be a good week. A peaceful and contented time. Last night we celebrated the end of ‘surgery’ with a delicious Linzertorte from a local gourmet shop, ice cream, and a gift for my man ( a book on baking bread.)  I got my man a card with a wise and appropriate quote:  ”Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain”, (cheesy but true,) and our girl asked about it right away. “What does it mean,” she asked after reading the card. “It means”, I explained, “it isn’t about trying to get to the end of the bad stuff, it is about learning and trying to be happy during the bad stuff, too. Like papa’s surgery.” “And we did so high five.” I exclaimed hugging my guy, and we had a round of high-fiving for everyone.

I felt like a wise old sage and thought, “hey we are teaching our kids some good stuff here.”  I was imparting wisdom to my child. And even though it came off of a greeting card- I am proud of us right now and I am enjoying it.

Here is another glimpse of my man. Our girl drew this picture while he was recovering from surgery and I have to say- I think she captured him. He starts work again today. A gentle beginning- he is working from home until the end of the week and starts commuting again on Monday. It will be a rude awakening for both of us I am sure.

It is still a bit strange to just slide back into life and have it look on the outside as if nothing really happened, (I don’t even have the scar.) But it feels less strange than 6 weeks ago. On our last trip to Dana Farber my man and I talked about the connection we have had throughout this ordeal. I mentioned my fear of losing that connection. He didn’t have much to say, and when I bitched at him later for not responding to my comment he looked at me and said, ” yes, I have noticed the connection, but honey- I don’t want to have cancer.” Amen to that my dear.


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  1. i’m finding it really exciting reading your post…it makes me feel home..thnks for the posting

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