I’ve Got Lemons

What’s so bad about lemons.  The expression  ”when life hands you lemons make lemonade,”  doesn’t do it for me. I wouldn’t mind be handed lemons: They smell fresh, have a beautiful color, are great for cooking, baking etc. etc. the list goes on. How about- when life throws rock salt in your eyes and then grinds it in- It’s a little trickier to find an equalizing ending to this scenario but not impossible.   When life throws rock salt in your eyes and grinds it in grab on to the people closest to you,  stumble along blindly until your eyes stop watering and your vision clears.

We had a little drama here at our house last night: one more thing on a very full plate- and my mind flooded with cliches and expressions like when it rains it pours, when life hands you lemons, and what goes around comes around.  I had to laugh occasionally through the tears because sometimes things are so tragic they become slightly hysterical. And it wasn’t a tragedy in the global sense of the word-  everyone is fine- just another little ‘tragedy’ in our lives. And enough is enough!!!

Last night I thought (not for the first time) ,  ”what have I done to deserve this!” My angry aggressive driving doesn’t seem to be a wicked enough offense for our string of bad luck but it was all I could come up with. It also seems unfair that my husband would be stricken with cancer because I think I own the road. It is self indulgent and egotistical to wallow in self pity and assume that I am a powerful enough force in the world to have brought this upon myself- but the alternative- that there is no reason is even more unsettling. This is just our lives right now- a difficult, challenging time. And I hate it- I hate being the ‘tragic’ family- having to call on friends yet again to cover another mini emergency, having to bow out of work and commitments. I am embarrassed by all of the drama in our lives and I need to get over it.  So I grabbed onto great friends and my man last night and today my vision is beginning to clear. I can put all of my negative emotions here so that I can see that it really isn’t that bad- things could always be worse (cancel, cancel.) And on a positive note:

My man’s bread rose (and was delicious)

No head lice yet

I have a Bachelorette girl’s night out this weekend

and I used the word blogosphere for the first time yesterday. “Did you just say Blogosphere?” My man asked incredulously – it might just be time to kill me.



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2 Responses to I’ve Got Lemons

  1. Let’s go out this weekend and get reeeaaalllyyy, reeeaaalllyyy drunk, okay?



  2. I LOVE THIS ENTRY. I get it. I can relate. I’ve been there. You nailed it when you said, “I hate being the tragic family.” My mantra was often, “Am I on ‘The God Hates Me’ plan?”

    Cheers to you this weekend with your girlfriends. I toast you for your honesty, humor, and courage as you continue to move forward on a path you did not pick. And as always, wishing you and yours restoration and health.

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