Just Life (or Lice)

Today our girl walked in the door from school and announced, “someone in our class has lice!” I guess I should be grateful that we made it to 7 without even the threat of lice, but of course my scalp is already itchy and I keep looking around our fairly large home thinking about all of the places her little head has and will touch in the next few days.

My brothers and I had lice several times as children- once the infestation was so bad that my mother had to cut off all of my very long hair, (our girl has very long hair.) I also remember being treated like a leper by a very hairy boyfriend of my aunt’s who  cut his visit short when confronted with three lousy haired children. I was highly offended at the time but I think I now know how he felt. Let’s hope for the best!!

My man and I walked a local breakwater today and then enjoyed a delicious lunch- lobster tacos, yum yum. In 8 days his six weeks are officially up:  no more restrictions and back to work. It was an adjustment, but now that I am used to having him home I will miss when him when he returns to work.

Without much cancer news I am at a bit of a loss as to what to write, but I’m not complaining.



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  1. Hola,
    їPuedo tomar obtener Foto de su sitio


  2. Hola,
    De dуnde eres? їEs un secreto? :)
    Have a nice day


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