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Some  images of my man and our son baking bread this morning. “If this doesn’t work I am never baking bread again,” declared my husband. His first solo attempt didn’t work out: the bread never rose. Today’s attempt  is lovingly tucked in the laundry room where it is nice and warm so keep your fingers crossed. As for my man’s stick-to-itiveness, let’s hope he works on that. But he has more stamina these days than I do when it comes to cancer research. He is working on being the pro-active, assertive patient- making sure he has copies of everything from day 1 forward- contacting Sloan Kettering for another opinion, etc. etc.

I told him yesterday that I don’t think he should do Chemo. Just look the list of pros and cons:


Chemotherapy might kill microscopic rogue sarcoma cells, but there is no data that confirms this


all the usual- hair loss, nausea, fatigue etc. etc . plus

Doxorubicin (one of the drugs) is known to cause secondary cancers in certain people

Doxorubicin causes heart problems in 1-6% of people

There is no data to suggest that this Chemo will kill rogue sarcoma cells

Dana Farber doesn’t recommend it

Our Naturopath doesn’t recommend it

It seems pretty straightforward to me ( I wish sarcoma was). And I think my man is also leaning towards skipping chemo, but we will get another opinion for peace of mind.

In the meantime, here are some articles and  interesting sites I have found on more alternatives to traditional cancer treatments. If any one out there in cyber space has any experience with any of these I would love to hear about it, please, please!!! Any advice on breadmaking is also appreciated.

Tonight I have to go to a work event dressed as a fortune teller- if only I were.


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