Young and Healthy

Day 2 and my man is doing great. All of the nurses and doctor’s have commented on how great he looks, and how well he is doing. He has gotten up a few times, the catheter is out, and the epidural is turned off. Now we wait to see what his pain is like without the epidural. The nurse also commented that my husband had very little blood loss during the surgery. Thank you guided imagery CD. Thank you homeopathic and herbal medicines. I know according to the Dr.’s there is  ”no data to support” the usefulness of any of these, but as my man put it, “here is your data.”

Dr. Raut came by earlier and talked to us again about the surgery. He spoke about the pathology reports we will get back in about a week. “They might answer some of the questions about what this is exactly.” But there is also the chance that the tumor is no longer viable: the radiation killed it,so we may never know. “Any chance that it isn’t cancer?” I asked hopefully. “wishful, but unlikely,” was his response. He was also impressed with my man’s progress, “I didn’t expect you to be looking so comfortable.” Depending on how the day goes my man might be discharged as early as tomorrow. We shall see.

We forgot to ask him about the “incident” in the OR yesterday.  It was a successful operation, but we are told that somehow my man and one of the staff in the OR were exposed to each others blood. There was some sort of needle stick that pricked my man then the staffer and then my man again. Or perhaps a staffer was cut by an instrument didn’t notice and then had their hands in my man. We had  a few giggles yesterday imagining all of the different scenarios. The details are unclear. We had a visit from a very diplomatic and apologetic infectious disease control man. Apparently this sort of thing happens more frequently than one would think.  The other person was tested for Hepatitis B, C, and HIV and came back negative, and my man has to be tested for all of these as well. “I apologize for this incident, it is a shame, and you have other things to worry about,” said the infectious disease control man. We are actually not that worried. It is an amusing anecdote for my man to tell in the future. Another story from the cancer chapter of our lives.



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2 Responses to Young and Healthy

  1. That is wonderful news!

    (Not about the incident, but you know what I mean).

    Now hurry up and come home so we can start taking care of you both!



  2. Cancer wife

    hopefully we are on our way today!!

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