7:10 a.m.

I just left my man at Brigham and Women’s. He had a team of anesthesiologists working on him when I left: putting in the I.V. getting ready for the epidural. He will have three anesthesiologists with him, Dr. Raut, and an OR nurse. All came by and introduced themselves and promised they would take good care of my man. I was only slightly hysterical when I left. One nurse asked if my man was having cardiac surgery. I had to answer, “no, I am just a mess.” My man also reminded me that this isn’t some high risk surgery with only a slight chance of survival. I answered, “I know, but you know me, I am a drama queen.”

I will have some breakfast and take a shower and then head back to the Family Liason center to wait for Dr. Raut. The women who walked us down to the PACU-Pre-op floor warned me that Dr. Raut takes family into a conference room rather than discuss the surgery for all to hear. She didn’t want me to be freaked out by that- good thinking lady.

10:15 a.m.

I am all settled in at the Family Liaison center. I am surprised by the number of other people waiting. BWH has 60 operating rooms! The woman here just came and told me that my man’s procedure is finishing up!!! Yeah. The Dr. will come and find me and then in about an hour I will be able to see my man. Uh oh- ┬átears of relief are starting- at this point I commit to being the women who is always crying- I don’t know how other people don’t.


Just spoke with Dr. Raut. Surgery went well, and my man is just waking up. The mass was pretty small once they got in and could see it. They didn’t have to take any of my man’s blatter but did have to scrape some pubic bone as that was the closest margin. I called my husband’s family in Germany and let them know the surgery went well.


Just saw my husband. Big tears of relief. He is doing really well. I am not sure what I expected but it wasn’t the happy but sleepy looking man I found in recovery. The catheter is a bit uncomfortable but other than that his pain is manageable.

Very relieved to have this event behind us. Thanks for all the warm wishes.



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  1. We too are very relieved, having followed you along the winding path between worry and optimism. May the recovery be easy and quick, restoring you, your man and your kids to wholeness without the overhanging dark cloud of cancer and surgery. May celebration and joy mark the rest of the summer. With great love and respect, L

  2. well written blog. Im glad that I could find more info on this. thanks

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