“Thanks for helping me today, you did everything. You organized the childcare, the hotel, you did the driving- it was a big help.” My husband’s words as he prepared to  jump in the lake and wash off the grime of our long hot day in Boston. Well if you put it that way, I did do a lot and I often don’t take credit but tonight I will.

It was  long hot day, but a good one. Clear scans (yeah!) and answered questions: “the tumor feels much softer, that’s great” from Dr. Raut, and an overall feeling of reassurance about the upcoming surgery.

Hospitals are strange places, and the Longwood medical area of Boston is like the Disneyland of hospitals. I managed to maintain a childlike sense of adventure through most of the day until I gave in to my darker side and decided to instead brood about the long wait times at Dana Farber.

I am exhausted and my thoughts are not flowing, but I did want to share some of my favorite quotes and observations of the day.

The women’s bathroom at BWH Ambulatory Services is worse than a toilet at Penn Station, I was stunned- we are talking doody everywhere!

Some of the patients at Dana Farber know everyone by name and even hug their doctors. At first I felt we were missing out on something, but then my man clearly stated, “I hope we never get that way because that means these people are here all of the time.” Interesting point my man.

And my two favorite quotes of the day word for word from the intake nurse at Brigham and Women’s: “hospitals are very dirty places, so I wouldn’t bring your children to visit.” not very reassuring, and  ”when your husband wakes up he will be sleepy but arousable.”  we shall see about that, wink, wink.


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