A lot happening

Time is flying by. Surgery is on our minds now, but we have a lot happening: a birthday party, a day at the Boston hospitals, a date night , a┬ávisit from a dear friend of the family, a girl’s night out for me, another beach day, etc. etc. We are on super summer crunch until things come to a screeching halt at the doors of the hospital on August 17th.

Tomorrow is our girl’s birthday party, sigh. I enjoyed baking the cake today and have been having some great moments with our daughter, but I don’t necessarily need to spend the morning with 6 seven year old girls and 2 wild four year old boys. The things we do for love.

My husband has been checking in again from work. I get an afternoon phone call. He checked in all through radiation, but it had stopped for a while during our ‘this isn’t happening’ vacation from cancer. He told me he had spoken to his mother in Germany today. “She is starting to get nervous too,” he said. She wishes she could be here. My man rationally explained to her,”you would just be more nervous if you were here.” I’m not sure if I agree with that logic Mr. Spock.

It will be up to me to call and email my husband’s family in Germany after his surgery. Something that also feels overwhelming. I have had very little communication (i.e. none!) with them through all of this so it seems weird to suddenly have to be the messenger. They don’t feel like my people, but they are my man’s so I will bite the bullet and report medical facts about my husband’s recovery from surgery in German. I will need to hone up on some of my hospital/cancer/surgery vocabulary.

A lot happening.

Today I brought my camera with me on my day and took a few pictures. I am enjoying including glimpses into our world.


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