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My man just called. He talked to the Boston hospitals today and we have our itinerary. He has to be at his first appointment at 6:45 a.m.- an MRI and then a CT scan at 8:40 (or the other way around- I’m not sure). At 11:00 he has a 2 and 1/2 hour registration process at Brigham and Women’s. At 2:30 it’s back to Dana Farber for the surgical oncologist and the medical oncologist at 3.

It feels like a big rude awakening- oh yeah Cancer- that’s right, I forgot you were coming. Come on in I guess.

It will be a long day. He is stressed about it. “I don’t want to spend the entire day in one of those hospital gowns,” he complained. And of course the scans are scary. My man’s stomach has been bothering him. He has a history of stress/anxiety related gastrointestinal issues and our local PA prescribed something. I think he needs to tell the cancer doctors but he is nervous it will effect the surgery- all the more reason to tell them. I worry it is more cancer.

I am regularly disappointed by the information out there on what to expect regarding surgery. I am not sure what I want to find, I just know I am not finding it.  I want specifics about my man’s surgery. I don’t think that is too much to ask. Here is some of the semi-useful/interesting information that I have about surgery in general: sarcoma surgery, sample surgery timeline, preparing for major surgery- tips on what to bring, abdominal surgery what to expect.

Our daughter drew this picture and I wanted to share it. It speaks to me in some way:  about her imagination, about our life, about me, about her. I love it….it is hanging on her door.

The phone just rang, it was Brigham and Women’s. A recorded message, “This is Brigham and Women’s calling to confirm your appointment…press 1 to confirm press 4 to cancel.” A bit disconcerting to receive a recorded message confirming such a huge life event. Interesting world these cancer centers- my verdict is still out.


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