I have been trying to take more photographs. I want to develop my skill as a photographer and learn more about editing photos.I also want Flickr Explore to pick me and have thousands of people comment on my pictures. I want internet fame and glory and it disgusts me.

But, I am pushing those thoughts aside and instead trying to learn something. Trying to keep the inner judgement and  ego in check.  Today was my last full free day to prepare for Christmas, and I got a lot accomplished. I mailed a package to a friend, bought some gifts and even took care of some business at the bank. This left me with permission to take a photowalk in town.

Happy Holidays.



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  1. Do you mind sharing what type of camera you use? I love the pics in this post. I would frame the middle one in a flash and hang it in my house. I can hardly tell where the cracking in the panes begins and the vines end. Fantastic!

  2. Cancer wife

    Thanks so much for your compliment. I use a Nikon D5000, and I edited the window photo in photoshop Elements to make it a bit more dramatic. If you are interested in a copy of the picture I would be happy to send you one. Be well.

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