Note to self

Second chances are amazing. The opportunity to re-make, re-do, re-think feels like winning the lottery.  All is right in the world when you get a second chance: every thought, move, and action make perfect sense. With a second chance there is no choice, no deciding, no worry. There may be fear-but it doesn’t matter because you know the regret of the choice you made last time around. It is liberating to have no other choice. To go forward with more clarity and confidence than before.

More often than not we don’t get an exact second chance, so we should take all the great stuff that comes with a second chance and apply it to every first chance we get. Be confident, clear, full of luck and happy at each new opportunity. So, so, so much easier said than done, but it is the season and my brighter whiter side is said to be winning.

Folding laundry a few nights ago, I was feeling foolish for believing in second chances. “The jokes on me for believing I would get what I want. You never get what you want,”  whined the dark voice bitterly. A smile spread across my face as I noticed the shirt I was folding:  A favorite of my man’s. My brighter side took over and said with a grin, “sometimes you do.”


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  1. I love the photo in this post. Very creative. I hope your bright side wins out all the time. Merry Christmas.

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