This time of year again. The slide from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s. A stressful, nostalgic time of year  with a comforting weight that demands you acknowledge what you have. I find myself wearing rose colored glasses these days: thinking of miracles and the joy of life. A heavy velvet curtain separates the dark thoughts.  One or two make an appearance occasionally: peaking shyly from behind the curtain. But even that doesn’t disturb me.  The whiter, brighter side of me wins the fight at this time of year.

Now I have to come down off my cloud and get down to holiday business. We were away for Thanksgiving and are traveling again for Christmas. I love traveling and being with family, but Christmas away is different from a home Christmas. So I need to maximize my time here this year. If only  the weather would cooperate.  Unseasonably warm  is the worse- it feels wrong on my skin. No matter, I will be nesting in my cozy home, warmed by the heat of the wood stove playing Ticket to Ride with my gorgeous family even if it is 85 degrees out. It’s that time of year.


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