Car Drive

I feel like writing again, so let’s see where it goes. It may not always be about cancer, but that is our life these days and I’m glad. That way I have more time to worry about important things like whether I poisoned my children with cantaloupe today.

I drove to work this morning. I inhabit that world twice a week, and what a world it is. Full of cubicles, colorful characters and too many rules for my taste. I got reprimanded recently for opening the windows.  “Oh, no you don’t open the windows,” I was told.  This country is obsessed with climate control and it is ridiculous. But twice a week I drive the country back roads to the state capital and try and focus.

The drive is part of my time: one of my rituals. It is usually a busy time in my head, and this morning I began by deciding that my post yesterday was bullshit. I tangled with that for a while until I became distracted by an NPR story about teachers being decapitated in Acapulco.

On the way home I had a moment of panic when I heard a story again on NPR about a Listeria outbreak caused by cantaloupe. I immediately jumped to the moment this morning when I thought-apples or cantaloupe. Crap, why had I chosen cantaloupe for their lunches. Luckily my cantaloupe checked out, but it was one of those moments, as ridiculous as it may seem that never fail to get me. I took a deep sigh, soaked in the beautiful landscape around me, and  decided that yesterday’s post wasn’t that bullshit after all.


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  1. Book-marked, I love your blog! :)

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