Summer is flying by and it has been a good one. My man was diagnosed last year on May 18th and he had his surgery last year on August 17th, so here we are somewhere in between those dates and the entire summer some how feels like our “cancerversary.”

When summer began this year it was tainted with the trauma of last summer. The warm weather and green leaves transported me to last summer’s experience and I had a hard time shaking its shadow. When I mowed the lawn or went to the lake I had vivid memories of my state last year while doing those same activities. So many things were exactly the same: I led the same training this May that I was running last May when I got the call from my man’s doctor, my daughter’s school had an outbreak of lice-just like last year, (and this time we were not so lucky.) It took me a while to shake off the feeling that something terrible was about to occur, or even to realize why I was feeling that way.

But on July 15th we had another clean scan and we are on vacation visiting friends and family in Europe so life is good and I can’t complain. Well I can, but I won’t- not today anyway.



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  1. Cute blog title. “Cancerversary” I’ll have to remember that when February rolls around.
    My wife was diagnosed with MPNST 17 months ago (see my February comment). It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs since. Most days it’s hard to remember what things were like B.C. (before cancer). We dealt with a recurrence and lung metastasis earlier this year, but like your husband her last scan was clean (congrats to both of them). :)
    Her next scan is scheduled for the day after labor day. It feels almost like we have the summer off (Hooray!). We live in Vermont and the weather has cooperated with our plans to enjoy the heck out of every day and to do something fun every weekend. Last week we were hiking in Montana and last night we were hanging out backstage at a Dropkick Murphys concert.
    With the black cancer cloud hanging over our heads the future is far more uncertain than it was 17 months ago. With everything that I know about this disease I intend to make sure that we build some great memories while we can. That may last one year or that may last for 50 years. Either way, when I look back at my time with my wife I don’t want to feel like I squandered one minute.
    Anyway, thanks for posting this blog… It’s nice to read posts I can so easily relate to.

  2. David Haas

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