Good News

Back from Boston where we had good news, and a wonderful weekend. My man’s scans were clean. We received this news at the brand new Yawkey Center where the sarcoma floor is still the 9th, but everything else is new and sleek: Better parking, bigger elevators, ipads to use while you wait.  It’s a good thing too.  The wait times remain long despite the misleading fact that we were led into a physicians room not 2 minutes after arriving. I wish they wouldn’t do that: I fall for it every time. And on scan visits my confidence begins to wear thin the longer we wait. It becomes a bad sign instead of the natural consequence of being Dr. Butrynski’s last patient on a Friday. I had almost convinced myself that the results were bad when Burtynski came in with a smile on his face and announced, “the scans look good.” We had very few questions-we’ve asked them all-and the answers never satisfy us anyway. We continued to pry for some sort of guarantee that this is over but had to content ourselves with, “everyday this thing doesn’t come back is great.” We couldn’t agree more.

So after the good news we left our kiddos with their great aunt and went off for a night on our own in the big city. We went shopping, to the movies and out to dinner and cancer is off our radar again until July 28th. Such a strange phenomenon how it’s here and then gone again.



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  1. Hi, just stumbled on your blog…wonder if you are aware of the LMS group in ACOR?
    With Hope, MiMi
    grandmother to Carly 12 y/o
    dx mesenchymal chondrosarcoma 7/2002
    surgery/chemo/proton beam radiation
    OT & NED 2/2003
    chronic neuropathic pain
    (Ewing’s,Rhabdo,Osteo,MPNST,Lipo.LMS etc.)
    “The oncologists and the oncology nurses and the researchers are the
    ones battling cancer,” he says, “I’m just the battlefield.”
    Keith Hautala, Chondrosarcoma survivor
    “Delay is the deadliest form of denial.”
    C.Northcote Parkinson

  2. Congratulations. I hope the scan continues to be clean. Love hearing good news. :)

  3. Hi…

    Nice blog congrats to receiving your good news may u blessed with more.


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