I’m so tired of suspicious bumps. I had a little lesion removed from my lower eye lid yesterday ( so much fun) and am waiting for the report. “It isn’t a cyst,” said the opthamologist as he tugged at the thing with his surgical scissors, “it’s solid.” “Is that bad,” I inquired. “Well, it means it isn’t a cyst”, was his cryptic reply. He thinks it is a hema-something or rather- a tumor of the blood vessel, but not malignant.  But he also mentioned skin cancer.

I was always a hypochondriac, but having a  husband diagnosed with cancer has switched my neurosis to hyper speed. Needless to say my mind arrived very quickly at the image of our orphaned children visiting our matching headstones and from there spiraled down to even darker places.

I am sure I am also taking on some of the worry about my man’s upcoming 2nd scan. Poor guy spent close to 3 hours trapped in a MRI machine last Thursday. “I chose Joni Mitchell’s Blue, thinking it would be nice and relaxing, but I had to listen to it 4 times,” was his report on the afternoon.

So needless to say we came back from Costa Rica right back into cancer, work, real life -with no buffer at all. But , I think we are handling it well.

And what a trip we had! I haven’t been that relaxed in along time, and the sun and warmth did us all wonders. Here are a few pics to make you jealous :) .

Scan results (3/18) and pathology reports  to follow.


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