Fun in the sun

Old habits die hard. We are leaving on our vacation in 3 days and I am stressed and am not handling it well. I have spent the entire day hiding out on the computer playing around with Photshop Elements and Flickr- my new hobby/way I don’t deal with my life. I was once told I am a double Taurus: both my moon and sun are Taurus- I think. Anyway, it means I have a whole lot of Taurus- and Taurus’s are big nesters- they sow deep roots etc. But I also have some astrological design that makes we want to travel- which I think is as good an explanation as any as to why I love to travel but find it hard to go.┬áBut I am just keeping myself focused on the warm weather, the feel of the sun on my face, and having our first real family vacation.

I have been feeling particularly at home in my life these days and conscious of what a nice little community we have become part of and perhaps this is making it harder. But I’m taking it with me. I acquired almost a whole new summer wardrobe last night at a clothes swap. We ate, we drank, we tried on each others rejects and everyone gained some new items and we donated the left overs to charity. Really a fun thing to do.

So just debunking some of my pre-holiday jitters here. And sharing a few scenes from last night. happy fun in the sun.


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  1. I agree some habits are hard to deal away with. Just continue enjoying life and the environment!

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