Reveling in Supremacy

Today at the grocery store I was behind an elderly woman with a clipboard and a fanny pack. I didn’t notice her clipboard until after I had begun unloading my cart. People with clipboards and fanny packs at the grocery store are not OK with me. Neither are people who write checks at the grocery store, (guess what was in this lady’s fanny pack.) I am not sure why it disturbs me so much, it just pushes all of my buttons. Unfortunately for me a lot of other peoples behaviors push my buttons. What can I say it’s a family trait, we all tend to act a bit superior at times. My man on the other hand is genuinely forgiving of others. He doesn’t take a woman with a clipboard at the grocery store as a personal affront, and he is a calm and patient driver. He isn’t arrogant and superior in his daily life, but I wonder if he should be more like me when it comes to his cancer.

I am going to be a real doofus and make a World Cup/Cancer analogy. Yesterday Germany trounced on Australia. They beat them 4-0. It was almost painful to watch and in the end I felt bad for Australia. At one point in the game the announcer commented that Germany was reveling in its supremacy. They certainly  played better than Australia, but how much of their prowess was confidence and determination? They played with a win or die attitude: losing was not an option. That is how I feel about my man’s cancer.

While we were watching the game my husband satisfyingly remarked, “I have turned you into a soccer fan,” and he has. (Here is a link if you want to become a fan as well.) The World Cup  happens every 4 years, and each tournament is attached to memories of where we were at that time in our lives.  In 2006 we were  living in Germany.  I learned the nationalities of my neighborhood by the various flags displayed in the windows and the honking cars. We married in France in 2002. Germany had an important game the day after our wedding. Many of our German friends stayed an extra day and watched the game in French rather than drive home and miss it.  I am not sure where we will be in 2014, but I can already see us looking back and saying, “remember in 2010, that was when you had cancer.”

I worry at times that I am reveling in our supremacy: our supremacy over this cancer. I wonder if it is OK to feel this confident. It worked for Germany yesterday, so hopefully it will work for us.



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4 Responses to Reveling in Supremacy

  1. Kristine

    Dear Cancer wife

    You are very brave to share this experience…I am rooting for dead cells, funny cancer t-shirts and less out-of-staters in the grocery store. One thing….I regret to inform you… that I totally write checks at the grocery store….I will never do this again..

    Your dutiful servant and friend,


    Ps…I finally got the Jetta Sportwagen….let’s go for a joyride and get ice cream!

  2. Cancer wife

    Yeah for the Jetta, can’t wait. Also I forgive you for the checks as long as you don’t carry your checkbook in a fanny pack.

  3. I just read all the posts from the first to the most recent and I really love it- all of it.

    I say: revel in your supremacy.

    Don’t just make cancer your bitch: make it your bee-yotch.

    (And do it in heels!)



  4. Another CW

    You were right – I did love it & completely related to the checks and fanny packs…I am sure you can imagine how long it might take my MiL to write her check at the grocery store ;) Actually thought it might have been her until you mentioned fanny packs and it was cancelled out.

    And I second Rhea’s comment – Stomp on that cancer with that supremacy and YES do it in your heels! xo xo xo xo

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