Happy Holidays

I have been thinking a lot about my mother as I prepare for the holiday. She always went overboard on Christmas- an abundance of presents under the tree  and a trip to Child World the next day for the child who was short changed to make up the difference. I thought of those years last night as I wrapped and counted  and fretted over my own children’s piles and whether they are fair or not.

I remember that several weeks before Christmas suddenly all of the closets in our house were off limits, and today in our home the same is true. When I was older I used to help my mother wrap presents. Some years I even wrapped my own cleverly disguised gifts and never peeked. My kids are obsessed with wrapping right now, and I have to be careful what I leave laying around- they will wrap anything.

I cleaned our home today and it feels quiet and peaceful and smells like Murphy’s Oil Soap. It is the last day of school for the kids, so I am enjoying this peace. My poor man doesn’t get many vacation days ( damn cancer & surgery used up quite a few) so he is only taking off the 24th this year. But I can feel us all preparing to close out the world and be together as a family. I can’t wait to drape the warm and cozy blanket of Christmas over our lives for a few days.

Happy Holidays



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  1. Hey there! I was diagnosed with high grade pleomorphic sarcoma last January. I went through surgery and radiation at MD Anderson in Houston. It’s nice to walk with others through this journey of unanswered questions and three month intervals. =)
    So glad your husband is staying well!!

    And, your mom’s counting and post-Christmas shopping just made me feel really normal for second and I LOVE that!!

  2. Cancer wife

    Thanks Lisa. It is always nice to hear from others walking this path. Here’s to continued health in the New Year.

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