Keep Trying & Crying

Woke up sad today: regretting missed opportunities, a bit of holiday blues, and maybe just the slow release of all the tension that had built up before last weeks scan. I couldn’t help it, so I sat and cried for a while. It was my first cry in quite some time and it was like opening the window to so many emotions that I fight to have under control or deny or whatever, so I can have happy, carefree days.

I am convinced there must be a group of people out in the world, some tribe, who cry whenever they have any emotion, and I bet they are super healthy and happy and have very little stress.

But since I don’t live in that tribe I went ice skating with my daughter instead. We had the pond to ourselves, and I hurried back afterwards to record the sweetness of that activity. A bright spot on another wise sad day spend trying to keep the window tightly shut.



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2 Responses to Keep Trying & Crying

  1. Congrats on clear scans, what a beautiful feeling and a great Christmas gift! Just found your blog… will have to read through your history and your journey with cancer. I have synovial sarcoma. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    Winter Park, FL

  2. Cancer wife

    Hi Montye, Thanks for your comment. I looked at your blog today. You have had an incredible journey and the work that you do with Dr. Gonzales sounds very interesting. My husband is also doing a non traditional regimen which we believe helps. I am happy to now have this resource in case we ever need it. I wish you continued health and success with your program. Happy new Year.

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