De-Funked Again (or Working on it)

I am not a psycho, but I do find myself battling a darker, moodier, less pleasant me at times. We spent the weekend doing yard work. All 4 of us. We woke up, put on our gear, and went out into the grey raw weather and it was great. It was such a simple and obvious solution to grumping around inside the house. But living a good life is hard work, at least for me. In certain areas of my life my natural instincts seem contrary to those in my best interest. I tend to ignore the obvious when it comes to breaking up a black mood. I know what I need to do to feel better. I need to get out of my head and into my life. But that requires action. And when I am Mr. Hyde I am a lazy ass.

I have been giving into the lazy ass a lot these days.  I have a strict inner critic, so hopefully it isn’t as bad as I think it is, ( I am trying to be kinder to myself.) Today it is time to start living a good life again even though it is annoyingly difficult at times, so watch out miss grumpy pants- you’re about to get your ass kicked.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have picked today to kick my alter ego’s ass. It is the end of daylight savings and this day with its extra hour seems endless.  It is only 3:30 but the sky looks like this:

This year we are going to fight the winter blues and reward ourselves for all we have been through with a trip to Costa Rica in February. That’s right, our tickets and accommodations are booked: it is happening. We have our first three month scan to get through in December and then Costa Rica here we come, (and my man bought travel insurance just in case: cancel, cancel.) It’s a focus in our home at the moment.

I even indulged in a Spanish language learning program. Our daughter keeps asking me if she can try it, and tomorrow I will set her up with a user name even though Mr Hyde wants to hole away in the bedroom keeping all of the fun to himself. It will be my first “screw you grumpy mood” act of the week.


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  1. Costa Rica, aye bandito!

    Can I come, too?

    And February: you knew just when to get out of dodge, lady.

    You sure you’re not a Mainer?



    PS Come over for wine???
    Rhea recently posted..Liesl Lecture

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