Grumpy Pants

“Oh look, nasty me is back just in time for Halloween,” I cackled at my man this morning after I made an insulting remark about his mother. “What do you mean ‘is back’,” he countered. “Oh come on, I haven’t been this pickled in a while,” I insisted.  And I think that’s true. I started to notice the bad mood creeping up on me midweek: waking up in the morning and feeling instantaneously annoyed, wanting to tune out and be left alone, etc. etc. It became official yesterday when I called my husband at work specifically to bitch at him for taking the left over eggplant parmesan  and spoiling my plans for a stress free dinner.

To my credit, I recognized the absurdity of the phone call before it ended. My man gave me a big knowing grin when he walked in the door and we had a giggle. But I still woke up grouchy again this morning. There are certain things my man does that are a good indicator of my mood: swallowing too loudly, tucking his T-shirt into his pajama bottoms, or the light way he taps the keyboard mouse. I know I am in the danger zone when these things make me want to kill. “My computer doesn’t like the effeminate way you tap the mouse,” I shot at him this morning in response to some issues he was having on my computer. “You’re mean,” was his fair reply.

Well, yes I am mean. But not all of the time, and I am trying to be better about it. I encourage him to be mean back. “Come on, I can take it,” I urge him. “No, you can’t,” is his constant reply. Maybe he is right. In any case, I have noticed that I take myself and these moody spells less seriously and so does he. I’m grumpy- it’s not the end of the world, things could be a lot worse, and we both know it will pass.

In the meantime tomorrow is Halloween. We will have an Indian and a Policeman to escort around the neighborhood and perhaps one miss grumpy pants- although hopefully she will be gone by then.


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  1. I’ve been having my own grumpy spell lately, lol. But I can’t take it, lol. Funny about the dinner, well at least you could laugh about while you ordered pizza. :0) Hope you had a great Halloween!
    Lisa’s Chaos recently posted..Maybe not the brightest idea

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