At Ease

Things are good. My man and I had a wonderful weekend. It was our first non cancer related get a way in 5 months, and it felt great. Plus it was a wedding.  It is pretty difficult not to have a good time at a wedding. Especially when it is in a beautiful spot with beautiful people.

I really enjoyed being with my husband. I don’t always, and so I am grateful for the moments when I see clearly- without my judgmental lens. Cancer gave me these moments or at least the ability to recognize them.  My man and I may have given up some of the quantity since life has returned to ‘normal’ but non of the quality. We really had fun. I was tipsy and sentimental from the wedding, so I wanted to touch him inappropriately all evening, but I showed some restraint.  ”I wanted to make out at the bar,” I told him the next day as we rehashed the evenings details. “I know, you were embarrassing me,” he smiled.

At one point during dinner I shouted out a little too loudly, “because, he has cancer,” in answer to a question about my blog’s name and than collapsed into a fit of giggles. But it was okay. Even my man who is very private seemed at ease when we started to cancer banter. What a long way we have come.


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